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You've Been Booed! Halloween Game

Halloween might look a little different this year, but whether you're trying to keep your social distance or celebrate as usual it's a great time to start a new tradition in your neighbourhood. This "You've Been Booed" activity is socially distanced and fun for all ages. 
To begin you need to purchase, download and print copies of the game available here. Both notes come on one letter-sized page. Print centered on the page at 100% (actual size) then trim in half. One note says "You've Been Booed" and the other says "We've Been Booed". Both notes will need to be included for each house you plan on dropping treats off to.
The "you've been booed" note includes instructions for families on how to continue the game.
The "we've been booed" sign is for them to display on their front door or window so people know to choose a different house to Boo. This way more families can be included in the fun.


Once you've printed the notes, gather a selection of treats for each family you'd like to Boo. Put the treats in a basket or gift bag along with both note cards and secretly leave on their doorsteps.


20 ideas for treats to include:

1. Glow Sticks (attach to these printable cards)
2. Halloween Stickers
3. Play Doh (attach to these printable cards)
4. Craft kits from the dollar store
5. Halloween Candy (use with these printable treat bag toppers)
6. Bottle of wine for the adults (Halloween wine bottle tags)
7. Fun socks with Halloween prints
8. Pencils
9. Halloween candy glove treats
10. Colouring books
11. Nail polish
12. Bubbles (cauldron bubbles tags)
13. Slime
14. Fruit pouches (make them look like a mummy)
15. Spider lollipops
16. Pumpkin hand soap
17. Mini hand sanitizers (scare the germs away or say boo to germs)
18. Candles
19. Halloween Cups
20. Spooky shaped Cookie cutters and sprinkles

You've Been Boozed wine bottle tag for Halloween
For an adults only version, try our "You've Been Boozed" version of the game and give the gift of your favourite bottle of wine this Halloween season!


Enjoy spreading Halloween cheer around your neighbourhood!



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