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Minted Classroom Valentines Cards for Kids

This fall I participated in Minted’s Classroom Valentines challenge and was super excited to have two of my designs selected as winners! Both designs are now for sale at Minted and feature original artwork I created. I’ve always loved drawing and have recently started adding more of my own illustrations to my designs. It’s definitely a work in progress as I try to figure out my style but it’s also lots of fun!  

Hockey Classroom Valentines Card for Kids

You've scored a special place in my heart! My hockey valentine card and matching hockey stickers were inspired by my son’s love for hockey. We spend a lot of time at the rink and over the years I've created multiple different hockey Valentines and birthday party decorations for him. It is hard to find designs for hockey lovers so I figured it would be a good entry choice. The various colour options are inspired by popular NHL teams along with a pink and teal option for girls.

Cutie Orange Classroom Valentines Card for Kids
You're a real cutie! This little cutie valentine card and matching cutie sticker is available in multiple colour options as well. This wasn't my original colour scheme, but after creating all the different options this ended up as my favourite! 
Classroom Valentines Cards for Kids

These are some of the designs that didn’t get selected. I am particularly fond of my "our friendship is legen-DAIRY”cow design inspired by my childhood growing up on a dairy farm. My “coolest friend” penguin valentine actually did pretty well in the rankings but didn’t get selected in the end. I decided to add it to my Zazzle shop as a penguin valentine card and penguin stickers.

I’d love to know what you think, please feel free to comment below!


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