With the worldwide spread of the coronavirus and the need for social distancing this is a wonderful way to still celebrate your Mommy-to-Be while keeping your distance! Ask guests to mail their gifts and cards by a certain date with this beautiful card you can text or email to your guests. Let your Mommy-to-Be know you're thinking of her! Comes ready to personalize, print and send or email to your guests. 

  • Invitation size is 5" x 7"
  • All of the text except "baby shower" is editable in Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free here).
  • File types included: 4 PDFs. One with two invites per 8.5" x 11" page with trim marks (for printing at home or with print shops like Staples), one file each of the front and back designs with 1/8" bleed (for uploading to online printing), and one file of the front design (for emailing your guests).
  • Please note that to upload to online printing or to email to your guests you will first need to convert your file to a JPEG. This is quick and easy and detailed instructions are included.
Please note that not all of our items are editable. Please make sure to read the item details carefully to find out if the item is editable and what areas of the template are editable.

1. DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to download your files to the email address provided or associated with your account.
2. OPEN YOUR FILES. For non-editable files please open your file and go to Step 4. For editable files, please ONLY open with the latest version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER (free download here)Please note it cannot be opened or edited on tablets, mobile devices, or computers using a ChromeOS system. Many computers will automatically open the PDF files in their default preview program. To avoid this, please open up Adobe Reader, then go to File > Open and select the template you'd like to use. 
3. EDIT YOUR FILES. Only highlighted areas are editable, all other elements are locked. Select the text you want to change and start typing. 
4. PRINT on bright white card stock at home or your local print/copy shop. 
5. TRIM your files.
For more in-depth tutorials on using our editable templates please click here


All of our items are available as digital downloads which gives you the flexibility to print wherever you like and as many as you like (for personal use only)

  • You can print at home using a home printer, or bring to a local print/copy shop like Staples or Office Depot. 
  • For best results print on bright white card stock.
  • When printing our editable PDFs, please make sure they open the files in the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • To use online printing services or photo lab printing you may need to convert your files to JPEG format. Please upload your updated file here and you will receive a flattened file ready to print.
  • When printing at home, please make sure your print settings are set to print actual size or 100% and centered on the page.
  • Every printer and monitor/screen is calibrated differently and will produce variations in colour. Therefore, printed colours may vary from the photos shown depending on the equipment and paper type you use.
  • Please see here for more printing tips.
  • PAYMENTS can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.
  • SHIPPING is free. All of our products are digital files only, no physical products will be sent so there is no cost to ship.
  • RECEIVING YOUR FILES: Purchased products will be emailed to you via the email address you include when completing your purchase. 
  • REFUNDS: Due to the digital nature of this product refunds will only be given within 10 days from date of purchase if the file(s) has not yet been downloaded. Once a file is downloaded refunds will not be given, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us and we will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied.
  • All designs are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and not to be used for commercial purposes.
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Social Distancing Baby Shower Invitation

Social Distancing Baby Shower Invitation