cupcake wrappers
In my previous post I raved about how much I loved using cupcake wrappers as a super easy way to decorate cupcakes. If you would love to have beautifully decorated cupcakes without the mess of  fondant and fancy decorating techniques then these are for you. And if you’re not a baker you don’t even have to make the cupcakes yourself. You can also use store-bought cupcakes giving you a quick, easy and affordable way to decorate for your party. Follow along below to download your free files and find out how to put them together.

cupcake wrappers how to
The first step is to download the file you’d like to use. You can download these confetti and balloon files for free at the end of this post.

cupcake wrapper template
I’m also providing you with a blank template that works great if you’d like to use scrapbook or patterned paper instead. Just cut out this template and trace it onto the paper you’d like to use. Then cut out and follow the rest of the directions. You can also do the same for cupcake toppers by cutting 2″ circles out of the same or matching paper.

cupcake wrappers print
If you’re using a downloaded file the next step is to print your file on either bright white paper (which I used here) or card stock. They both work equally well so the choice is yours.

cupcake wrappers
Once they’re printed you’ll need to cut them out. For the cupcake wrappers you’ll need scissors. For the cupcake toppers you can either use scissors like I did here or a 2″ circular hole punch. I make all my cupcake toppers 2.1″ so when using a 2″ hole punch you won’t get any white along the edges. All you need to do is center the image and punch it out.

cupcake wrappers how to
I put double-sided tape on one end of each cupcake wrapper. Then, starting with the side without tape, I wrap it snugly around the cupcake and fasten. For the cupcake toppers you can tape a toothpick or a lollipop/candy stick to the back of each topper. You can cover the back with the same design or cut 2″ circles out of plain white paper. Cover the back with glue (a glue stick works great) and stick.

cupcake wrappers how to
The last step is to put it all together. You can add your icing and sprinkles if you like, pop in your cupcake topper and VOILA! If you like these cupcakes and want to use them for your next birthday party I also have a matching invitation available in here in my Etsy shop.


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