Pokemon Birthday Party
My son turned seven this weekend and I am excited to share his Pokemon birthday party with you! I love planning parties and this one was no different. I hope you enjoy all the details that went into making this party a huge success!

Pokemon invitations
INVITATIONS: I wanted the invitations to look like Pokemon cards so I scanned in one of my sons EX cards and removed all the text so I could add in the party details. Instead of using a photo I added Pokemon characters. Once printed and glued onto real Pokemon cards they looked really great! All the kids were excited to have a Ronin EX card! I then made the envelopes to look like Pokeballs.

Pokemon cupcakes
CUPCAKES: I am so happy with how these Pikachu inspired cupcakes turned out! I had originally planned to make a Pokeball cake. But then I ran out of red and black food colouring and realized how difficult it is to make icing red. Instead I decided to make cupcakes and decorate them with what I know I’m good at – paper designs! This was my first time using cupcake wrappers and I have to say I LOVE THEM! They are a great way to make your cupcakes look amazing without any cake decorating skills. You can download them for free at the end of this post! My son requested strawberry flavoured cupcakes which I topped with yellow buttercream icing. They turned out really well, you can find the recipe here.

Pokedex birthday game
GAMES: We just recently finished our basement so we had a great space for the kids to run around and play. We had a few games of Dodgeball which is one of my son’s favourite games. I also made a Pokedex for each kid (I found the idea for this here). The cover had a picture for them to colour along with their name. Inside I had pictures of 15 different Pokemon. I printed and cut out the same 15 Pokemon and hid the pictures all over our basement. Once the kids finished colouring their Pokedexes we all went downstairs to find all the Pokemon. This was a huge hit and the kids had a blast working together to “catch” them all.

Pokemon thank you favour envelope
Pokeball cookies
PARTY FAVOURS: I always like to give kids a treat that goes with the party’s theme so this was an easy choice – Pokemon cards! I ordered a set of 100 Pokemon cards from Amazon and designed these thank you envelopes to hold them. Along with the cards I baked sugar cookies and decorated them to look like Pokeballs. The biggest challenge to these was making the icing red instead of pink.

Pokeball tissue paper pom pom
DECORATIONS: As I’ve mentioned before I love tissue paper pom poms as decoration so of course I had to turn one into a giant Pokeball. You can find a tutorial for the pom poms here. I made one red and one white and tied them together to make one giant ball. Then I cut 2 strips of 2″ wide black Bristol Board and attached around the middle of the pom poms with double sided tape. I then added two circles one black and one white and glued them on for the center of the Pokeball.

These Pikachu cups were a really easy way to add to the Pokemon theme. Using red and black Sharpie markers I drew Pikachu faces on yellow paper cups. I found this idea on Pinterest here.

pokemon banner

I hope you enjoyed the party!

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Enjoy and happy party planning!


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