My oldest child turns seven in a few weeks and I’ve been busy planning his party. In the meantime I wanted to share the Superhero birthday party I had for him when he turned five.

Superhero birthday party decorations, tissue paper pom poms
superhero birthday party display table
Decorations: I love making tissue paper pom poms for parties. They are super simple and cheap to make while adding a large burst of colour to your decor. If you haven’t made them before check out this tutorial. You’ll need some tissue paper, cloth-covered floral wire (or pipe cleaners work just as well) and string for hanging. For the Superhero ones I printed out some comic style sound effects (free printable here), cut and glued them to coloured Bristol board and attached them to the pom poms.

For the display table I wrapped up cereal and cracker boxes with plain coloured wrapping paper from the dollar store. I cut squares out of black card stock for the windows and glued them on to turn the boxes into buildings.

DIY superhero birthday party masks, superhero craft for kids
Superhero Masks: The first activity I had the kids do was decorate their own Superhero mask. I cut the masks from colourful foam sheets using the templates found here. Once cut, I punched a hole in each side and attached elastic thread. I also cut out various embellishments (free printable found here) and along with other foam stickers, jewels and glitter glue the kids had lots of fun creating their own masks. This was a huge hit and once they were done decorating I got them all to pose for a photo.

superhero birthday party, superhero capes
Photo backdrop: To create this I began by hanging a large dark grey sheet on the wall. I cut out large rectangles in various sizes from black Bristol board then glued yellow squares on to create the buildings. For added depth I used black wrapping paper and yellow squares to cover boxes which I placed in front. Attach some clouds and Superhero logos and it made for a super cute back drop! I got some awesome pictures and the kids loved showing off their masks!

superhero cupcakes, superhero birthday party inspiration
Superhero Cupcakes: I have a love/hate relationship with fondant. I find sometimes it works wonderfully (like it did for me here) and other times it’s a complete disaster. These were surprisingly not too difficult to make. It helps to have the right tools (which I thankfully borrowed from a friend) and lots of patience. Even though they were time-consuming I was able to do them ahead of time which is always helpful.

superhero birthday party games and favors
Favours and Games: A friend of mine hosted a Superhero party for her son a few months before and kindly gave me the extra Superhero logos she had created for it. This saved me a lot of time and made for awesome decorations! To create the party favours I attached the logos to Kraft paper loot bags from the dollar store and added some colourful tissue paper. Each kid took home a puzzle, some candy, their mask and a Lego Superhero. But first they had to save the Lego Superheroes from Mr. Freeze. Each figure was frozen in a block of ice and the kids had to free them by using their super squirters (water bottles or water guns). They all had a lot of fun with this!



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